Performance Enhancing Drugs in the Workplace

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Alex Rodriquez was banned from his primary vocation through 2014 for “use and possession of numerous forms of prohibited performance-enhancing substances, including testosterone and human growth hormone, over the course of multiple years according to Major League Baseball. His appeal allows him to play until an arbitrator hears his case.

From high school to Hollywood, from the office to the playing field, careers can be created or crushed by the use of cognitive boosters and physical enhancing drugs such as crazy bulk supplements. Some drugs are legal and many are illegal, but everyone uses them. This article discusses when it is ethical and when it is not. The accompanying slide show presents the twelve most common drug groups used today. Some have proven to have positive effects on performance, some are over-hyped and some are illegal and dangerous.

The good: Caffeine improves work performance and reduces accidents. Used in moderate amounts, it has no harmful side effects

Medications for attention deficit disorder and sleep depravation can help improve performance but can only be obtained by prescription. Adderall and Ritalin can enhance performance in most people of normal health and not just ADD patients. Provigil can help one stay awake and alert when sleep deprived or needing to focus attention. Some doctors use it when they have to cover extended shifts.

The bad: Energy drinks, carnitine, creatine and taurine have not proven to be of any value. More than one energy drink serving and you are over your daily limit for caffeine and sugar.

The ugly: Anabolic steroids, Andro, Epoetin, and human growth hormones are by prescription only and can cause death and disfigurement. DHEA is similar to Andro and while it can be purchased over the counter, it is every bit as dangerous as the other PEDs.

Alex Rodriguez used human growth hormones

Athletes may believe this amino acid improves muscle mass and performance. The Mayo Clinic says it does nothing to improve strength or endurance. Kent Sepkowitz of the Daily Beast agrees. The main attraction of the chemical was that experts had not figured out how to detect its use until recently. Bud Selig said a major reason for their suspensions was that MLB initiated blood testing for HGH in 2017. Doctors prescribe it carefully because it produces numerous and perverse side affects especially gigantism, or rapid growth, long gangly bodies, too-wide jaw bones and large brows like Lurch from The Addams Family. Look for former athletes with braces on their lower teeth as a giveaway.

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Drugs don’t create success, hard work does

Have you taken extra coffee to cram for and exam overnight or to finish a project at work? It turns out that caffeine has several beneficial effects without negative side effects when used in moderate amounts.

That person behind on his work is probably less disciplined than others. He was too busy socializing when the deadline was distant. He still has to study just as hard to get the grade or will have to do the same high quality work to finish the project. Drinking coffee or taking 5-hour ENERGY to make up for lost time is not as much an ethical lapse as it is a poor work behavior.

Drugs distort the level playing field

Major League Baseball, the National Football League and other professional sports leagues sell tickets on the premise that every local franchise has an equal chance of winning a title. Any failure to enforce equitable rules, on or off the playing field hurts revenue and must be dealt with swiftly. The National College Athletics Association and high school leagues throughout the country have the same incentive to maintain a level playing field for their own survival. Individuals who distort normal playing ability or teams that bend the rules to change the odds are dealt with much more swiftly than they would with even more egregious-seeming behaviors such as player abuse