Functions of the Brain and Nervous System


About the nervous system of the human being comes into contact with its environment. To perceive, for example eyes, ears, nose, tongue and sensors in the skin, such as temperature and touch sensors, environmental stimuli and transmit them to the central nervous system. Also, information on the state of its own organism, such as e.g. the position of the body or hunger and thirst are registered. This part of the nervous system is referred to as sensory nervous system. This contrasts with the motor nervous system. With it, the organism responds to signals from the environment or from the body itself. So the motor nervous system controls the muscles and allow ourselves to perform acts and to move in the environment. An example: Are we heading towards an obstacle to it is perceived by the eye. The sensory nervous system sends this information to the brain. Here the information is processed and made the decision to avoid the obstacle. The commands to be relayed from the brain via the motor nervous system to the muscles of the legs and other associated muscle groups.

Autonomic Nervous System


Much of what our nervous system performs, we do consciously. We decide on watching or looking away, going away or standing still, talking or listening. The parties engaged part of our nervous system is subject to our voluntary control. but also the nervous system also has tasks that we can not consciously control. Everyone knows the situation: In sports or in stressful situations automatically increases the heartbeat, breathing is faster and you begin to sweat. is responsible for the autonomic nervous system, which is also referred to as an autonomous or involuntary nervous system, because it is not subject to our will. The autonomic nervous system controls the muscles of all the institutions, thus regulates vital body functions such as heart activity, breathing, circulation, metabolism, digestion, excretion, perspiration, body temperature and reproduction. Outside of the brain and spinal cord, it consists of the sympathetic and his opponent, the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system ensures an increase in heart rate and respiratory activity, improves blood circulation in the muscles and promotes sweating. The parasympathetic nervous system, however, the heart beats more slowly, breathing becomes quiet and digestion is promoted. While the sympathetic nervous system dominates in stressful situations, wins the parasympathetic relaxation in phases the upper hand.



The brain is the information center of our body. Here, information from the environment and the condition of the organism may be collected and further processed to reactions. The most highly developed part of the brain is the cerebrum with the cerebral cortex. Here are the processing centers for signals from the eyes (visual cortex), the ears (auditory cortex) and other sensory organs come. Through the visual cortex, for example, we recognize an object as a car, that is, only after it receives the seen meaning. Also information from the body surface to be processed in the cerebral cortex. It is the area of ​​the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for a specific region of the body surface area, the greater, the more important it is for the perception of the environment. So is the “field of perception” of information coming from the hands, much larger than that for the feet. Even the recognition of places and persons in the cerebral cortex. Other areas of the cerebral cortex responsible for language, numeracy and sensations. controls the motor region of the cerebral cortex and coordinated muscle movements. The different regions of the cerebral cortex are over nerve fibers connected to each other and exchange information continuously from.

Other Brain Areas


The other portions of the brain are diencephalon, midbrain, cerebellum and hindbrain. In diencephalic vegetative functions such as body temperature, hunger and thirst, and sexual behavior can be controlled, for example. There is also the pituitary gland. This important hormone gland, which is also called the pituitary gland produces substances (hormones) that are released into the bloodstream and then pass via the bloodstream to their sites of action. The pituitary hormones control, for example the longitudinal growth before puberty, promote the growth of the internal organs and affect the metabolism. They also promote the maturation of the egg cells in the ovaries of women and the development of sperm in men.

The midbrain is the smallest portion of the brain. It controls among others the sleep-wake rhythm and can draw attention to certain sensations. Responsible for the proper functioning of all body movements, the cerebellum. It is also instrumental in maintaining the equilibrium. In case of failure of the cerebellum it therefore comes to tumbling, target unsafe or trembling movements, such as occur with drunkenness. Even fast successive movements can no longer be executed. With the hindbrain the brain adjacent to the spinal cord. Here breathing, circulation and many processes are controlled in the organs. The hindbrain is also responsible for the blink reflex, the lacrimation, the swallowing reflex, saliva production and for sneezing, coughing and vomiting. In addition, there are reflexes in which only the spinal cord is involved. For example, ensures the stretch reflex that we do not fall in case you stumble, but can catch us without much thought.

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Treating Eczema Blisters the Natural Way


Eczema blisters can be very painful, and they can often open if they are scratched too much, with the risk of infection developing in the open sores.

Although it is possible to get eczema blisters if you have atopic eczema, it is not a regular symptom. Blisters are more common in people with nummular eczema or dyshidrotic eczema.

To reduce the chance of getting blisters on your eczema skin, you need to stop scratching. Blisters will form, along with eczema rashes and scaly skin. Being in this situation can not only be painful with that sensation of burning at the affected area, it can lead to dangerous bacteria infecting the open wounds when they start to seep.

Obviously it is easy to say not to scratch at your eczema. But most people who have an eczema skin condition will know that trying to resist the temptation to scratch can be at times, almost impossible to ignore.

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If you start see eczema blisters showing up, you will need to go and see your doctor who will be able to prescribe some antibiotics to ward off any potential infection. The best way to prevent getting an eczema blister is to try and reduce the chances of getting them in the first place.

Treatment Tips


The first sign that you should look for is to check if you are getting dry patches on the skin. Dry skin is a breeding ground for eczema, and an area of dry skin starts to feel itchy, and along comes that urge to scratch.

Moisturize the affected area as often as possible, this will reduce that itchy feeling that is so common.

Try to use moisturizers which are natural in nature. They are kinder to your skin than medicated eczema creams; do not prematurely age the skin, unlike medicated creams for eczema, and you certainly will not be put at risk of getting any nasty side effects.

Gently rub the cream over your body after a short warm bath. The hotter the water, and the longer you stay in there, the more the risk of your skin becoming dehydrated.

Treating Eczema Blisters on The Inside

Many people who get eczema blisters and other eczema symptoms tend to focus solely on the outside. Keep in mind that the eczema is manifesting itself on your skin because inside your body something is failing to fight against it!

Keep yourself dehydrated as much as possible by increasing your intake of water. Also another great tip for reducing or preventing eczema blisters is to start eating more oily fish. Salmon, sardines, and kippers, are all great for skin health because of the valuable nutrients that the oil in the fish has.

You’ll be surprised at how much you scratch while you are asleep. It is a natural reaction if parts of your body feel itchy. The best way to avoid this is to wear some cotton clothing over the affected area, and to wear cotton gloves or mittens to minimize the scratching.

Eczema blisters can cause a lot of pain, but using a natural cure for eczema to reduce the problem can really make your life easier and pain free.

Phen375 Benefits


Due to the fact you will find several weight loss pills on the market nowadays,sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish the truth about these weight loss pill from mere boastful, unsubstantiated claims.

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Performance Enhancing Drugs in the Workplace

Blogging PED's

Alex Rodriquez was banned from his primary vocation through 2014 for “use and possession of numerous forms of prohibited performance-enhancing substances, including testosterone and human growth hormone, over the course of multiple years according to Major League Baseball. His appeal allows him to play until an arbitrator hears his case.

From high school to Hollywood, from the office to the playing field, careers can be created or crushed by the use of cognitive boosters and physical enhancing drugs such as crazy bulk supplements. Some drugs are legal and many are illegal, but everyone uses them. This article discusses when it is ethical and when it is not. The accompanying slide show presents the twelve most common drug groups used today. Some have proven to have positive effects on performance, some are over-hyped and some are illegal and dangerous.

The good: Caffeine improves work performance and reduces accidents. Used in moderate amounts, it has no harmful side effects

Medications for attention deficit disorder and sleep depravation can help improve performance but can only be obtained by prescription. Adderall and Ritalin can enhance performance in most people of normal health and not just ADD patients. Provigil can help one stay awake and alert when sleep deprived or needing to focus attention. Some doctors use it when they have to cover extended shifts.

The bad: Energy drinks, carnitine, creatine and taurine have not proven to be of any value. More than one energy drink serving and you are over your daily limit for caffeine and sugar.

The ugly: Anabolic steroids, Andro, Epoetin, and human growth hormones are by prescription only and can cause death and disfigurement. DHEA is similar to Andro and while it can be purchased over the counter, it is every bit as dangerous as the other PEDs.

Alex Rodriguez used human growth hormones

Athletes may believe this amino acid improves muscle mass and performance. The Mayo Clinic says it does nothing to improve strength or endurance. Kent Sepkowitz of the Daily Beast agrees. The main attraction of the chemical was that experts had not figured out how to detect its use until recently. Bud Selig said a major reason for their suspensions was that MLB initiated blood testing for HGH in 2017. Doctors prescribe it carefully because it produces numerous and perverse side affects especially gigantism, or rapid growth, long gangly bodies, too-wide jaw bones and large brows like Lurch from The Addams Family. Look for former athletes with braces on their lower teeth as a giveaway.

hgh x2
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Drugs don’t create success, hard work does

Have you taken extra coffee to cram for and exam overnight or to finish a project at work? It turns out that caffeine has several beneficial effects without negative side effects when used in moderate amounts.

That person behind on his work is probably less disciplined than others. He was too busy socializing when the deadline was distant. He still has to study just as hard to get the grade or will have to do the same high quality work to finish the project. Drinking coffee or taking 5-hour ENERGY to make up for lost time is not as much an ethical lapse as it is a poor work behavior.

Drugs distort the level playing field

Major League Baseball, the National Football League and other professional sports leagues sell tickets on the premise that every local franchise has an equal chance of winning a title. Any failure to enforce equitable rules, on or off the playing field hurts revenue and must be dealt with swiftly. The National College Athletics Association and high school leagues throughout the country have the same incentive to maintain a level playing field for their own survival. Individuals who distort normal playing ability or teams that bend the rules to change the odds are dealt with much more swiftly than they would with even more egregious-seeming behaviors such as player abuse